Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins was always a tomboy. Having grown up in a rough and tumble world on her family’s large horse ranch in Yamhill, Oregon, there wasn’t much room for being too “girly” as she puts it. According to Jamie, “Ruffles, bows and anything pink was never my thing and having to wear dresses was a form of punishment to me.” So she was the girl in middle school who tried out for the boys’ flag football team and ended up playing defensive back and running back. By the time she was in her early 20s, Jamie channeled her competitive nature into a new pursuit. She started going to the gym in the hopes of putting on some real muscle, as she was tired of being a small 120 lb at 5’7″ tall. One thing lead to another and Jamie began competing in 2012. Jamie didn’t think about nutrition or supplementation until later in her career. In her words, “Universal first came to my attention through their recognizable trademark flexing red bodybuilder logo – it’s pretty iconic – and through the fact that it has been around in the industry for many, many years.” She continues, “Everyone I’ve ever talked to says the same thing about Universal: their products are legit, they are very family-oriented, they take great care of you, and they honor their word. I feel very fortunate and am excited to join the Universal family.” We at Universal couldn’t agree more. Welcome to our family.