14 Questions With Jamie Collins

We are excited that Jamie Collins, a rising IFBB Bikini Pro, is joining the Universal family. Although we will get to know her better over the next couple of months, we thought we’d start off her first day with us by asking her 14 questions.

Universal (U): You grew up on a ranch and considered yourself a tomboy. Are you still tomboyish today?

Jamie Collins (JC): Over the years I’ve learned how to be more “girly,” but I guess most people would consider me an “all American girl”. The only time I wear a lot of makeup is on the stage. But there’s no place I’d rather be than in the gym.

U: How or why did you get into weight lifting?

JC: I got into weight lifting in my early 20’s because I was tired of being tiny. I went to the gym hoping to put on some muscle since I was pretty small. At that time I didn’t know about the bodybuilding world and didn’t even know it really existed until a couple years into weight lifting.

U: So what is your favorite exercise?

JC: That’s a tough one! Although I have several glute exercises that I love doing, my favorite would probably be the standing glute hip thrust with a resistance band.

U: What is your favorite body part to work? Why?

JC: My least favorite body part to train is now my favorite, which is training glutes. It used to be one of my biggest weaknesses and I really wanted to make it one of my strengths. Today, I’m still working on it and making progress.

U: What is your most challenging body part to work? Why?

JC: My calves, hands down, are my most challenging body part to train. It’s something I have to work on weekly in order to keep my symmetry.

U: Do you use nutritional supplements and, if so, have you used Universal products?

JC: Yes. I actually really like Real Gains in Vanilla. I’m a hard gainer with an ectomorph body type and gaining weight in the off-season has always been difficult for me. That’s why I supplement my meals with two Real Gain shakes a day.

U: Aren’t most women afraid of using a weight gainer?

JC: Most people, especially women, think a weight gainer is bad. But I’ve always been told you have to eat and eat a lot of food if you want to grow. I just can’t eat enough good food on a daily basis to get in the amount of calories I need to grow in the off-season.

U: Is that why you use Real Gains?

JC: Yes. For me, using a weight gainer is a much cleaner way of adding calories. If I were to eat cheeseburgers all day, I wouldn’t put on quality weight. Anyway, this is what works for my body type and I would recommend Real Gains for anyone who is struggling putting on quality size.

U: Following up on cheeseburgers, is that one of your go-to cheat meals?

JC: Absolutely! Cheeseburgers and pizza are always at the top of my list.

U: I noticed on Instagram you use @AslanFit. What’s the story behind that name?

JC: The word “aslan” is Turkish for “lion.” I have long blonde hair and people have often referred to it as a lion’s mane. In addition, my boyfriend is Turkish and he owns a gym nicknamed “The Lion’s Den.” I like that we are linked together by the lion symbol.

U: What other interests besides training do you have?

JC: I am passionate about cars. I absolutely love old school muscle cars such as the Shelby GT500. A car like that really makes my heart sing.

U: How did you get an interest in muscle cars?

JC: From my dad. He has restored several classic muscle cars. He was also a car salesman for many years. My parents divorced when I was 9 and I lived with my mom. So muscle cars are a way for me to connect to my dad. He’s got a Shelby GT500 and I’ve told him I have dibs on that car.

U: Your love of fast cars aside, do you have time for hobbies when you’re not in the gym?

JC: I don’t have a lot of free time, but I try my best to make it to my mom’s family dinner every Sunday. I also enjoy hiking, painting, traveling, enjoying the sun, going to the park, and watching movies. One of these days I’m going to start reading books again!

U: Do you have plans for your next pro show?

JC: I’m thinking about the summer…

U: Jamie, thanks so much for spending some time with us.

JC: You’re very welcome!