Animal Boss Bar
- Direct from Universal Nutrition

This triple-layer, oven-baked bar will serve the function of your go-to, anytime, protein bar. It delivers 20 mouth-watering grams of high-quality protein for any day, and any circumstance. Comes in a box of 12 bars.

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You are in charge. You live life your way, the only way, never settling for less. Yeah this path, it takes hard work and dedication. You demand it. We know that. That’s why we developed the Boss Bar. We made it for you to be used on your terms…whenever you need 20g of the highest quality protein with an unbelievable taste and texture you won’t have to choke down. Animal Boss Bar. Think of it as your go to, your “no matter when” source of muscle-building nutrition. The Animal Boss Bar provides a convenient source of fuel that serves all possible scenarios of an athletic or strength-training lifestyle. The low sugar content assures this bar can be used at any time, without crashing later.

  • 20g of high quality protein per bar
  • Soft, layered texture with an unbelievable taste
  • Naturally flavored
  • Outstanding on-the-go protein fix for strength training athletes

Note: Some ingredients and nutritional facts may vary based on flavor. Contact us for complete nutritional info.


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