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our roots
From gym to dedicated gym, across this great country of ours and around the globe, Universal is a name known in the bodybuilding world. Since the time of the first Sandow handed to the first Olympian during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding in 1977, Universal has been a vibrant part of the larger bodybuilding community.
“Community” is a word, a concept and an approach that is important to us. While supplements are our core business – while we know bodybuilding inside and out – we are more than just a simple supplement company. Our mission is to help build a strong and positive community everywhere we go, one lifter at a time.
As we continue moving forward, we will never forget our history, our legacy. As a family owned and operated business, our roots go way back and we believe this is what makes us truly different. We understand that bodybuilding is more than just a sport. It’s an entire lifestyle, a way of thinking about the world we live in. We live this lifestyle and breathe it in every single day. We hope you share our vision.

OUR MISSION At Universal, we believe two things. First, that bodybuilding is not just about lifting- it's about a way of life. And as a way of life, bodybuilding can play a positive role in our lives and our personal development. The strength derived and built in the gym is not just the strength of the body - it's also strength of character. The transformation that takes place applies not just to one's physique, but also one's inner fortitude. Second, that a community is always stronger than an individual. Lifting may seem like a solitary activity for many, but it dcesn' t have to be and shouldn't be. What we strive to do at Universal is bring people together, connect them, and strengthen the bonds that we all share - the bonds that are defined by the love of the iron.